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from Tom Wemett

Hi, this is Tom Wemett.  I recently started this blog as a way to discuss, explain, educate and vent about issues in the real estate industry that I’m still involved in and have been for over 43 years.

I have lots on my mind and a lot of accumulated information about home buying.  I have been representing home buyers only for the last 22+ years and find that I’m very frustrated at the lack of interest by the traditional real estate industry, consumer advocates and consumers with regard to real estate representation and true buyer agency.

I will be using this blog as my way to hopefully make a difference in future home buyers’ lives as they eagerly seek to buy their first home, in particular.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.  I welcome your comments, but of course, retain the right to reject your comments if they are off-base or offensive..

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Tom Wemett has provided information about the home buying process, a home buying checklist, a home buyers guide, house buying tips and more though his home buying blog.  Check it out below and at Florida-Home-Buying-Tips.com.

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